Arabian Horse Racing Meets French Expertise at the Sheikh Mansoor Festival's 16th Edition

Fun set to gallop at the upcoming festival in Abu Dhabi.

Jul 10, 2024 - 21:02
Arabian Horse Racing Meets French Expertise at the Sheikh Mansoor Festival's 16th Edition

United Arab Emirates – July, 2024 - As part of the 16th edition of the HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Racing Festival, La Teste de Buch Hippodrome in France will host highly anticipated races on July 10, 2024. Featuring five Arabian races, including four group races and the celebrated Wathba Stallions Cup, all under the auspices of the Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Racing Festival. 

This annual festival plays an important role in promoting Arabian horse racing on a global scale, celebrating and preserving the sport's rich heritage and traditions.The event will showcase high-profile races and distinguished participants, including the Société Hippique Française (SHF), demonstrating their expertise and the exceptional excellence of the French equestrian sector.
Société Hippique Française – SHF: A Highlight of Tradition and Excellence

The Société Hippique Française, established in 1865 and accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, is a pivotal association in the realm of sport and leisure horse and pony breeding. SHF plays a vital role in organizing events that unite stakeholders in the production, enhancement, and marketing of young horses and ponies. Their participation in the Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Racing Festival further emphasizes the event's prestige and highlights the significance of French equine expertise on an international stage.

Excellence of French Genetic Heritage

SHF is renowned for its superior equine genetic heritage, breeding distinguished breeds such as the French Saddle Horse, Anglo-Arab, Arabian, and French Riding Pony. At the festival, SHF will showcase these purebred horses, demonstrating French expertise in selection and care. French horses, known for their beauty and performance, are a testament to meticulous breeding traditions that combine carefully selected lineages and advanced breeding techniques, earning them an international reputation. This event provides SHF with an opportunity to display how their breeding meets the high standards demanded by Emirati and regional buyers.
With over 33,000 breeders and owners of mares in 2022, the equine sector is essential in France, generating 66,000 primary activity jobs nationwide. The French equine industry's prowess was further demonstrated when the French team won the world championship title in 2023 with 100% French horses.

French Breeding Excellence and Endurance at SHF's Grand Events

The Société Hippique Française organizes two major events that offer exceptional opportunities for breeders, owners, riders, and buyers to engage with the vibrant equine sector:

The Grand Week of Fontainebleau: From August 22 to September 1, this event features 1,850 horses (mainly French Saddle Horse “Selle Français”)aged 2 to 7 years competing in breeding, show jumping, and hunter style competitions. It is a cornerstone event that showcases the finest young horses and ponies, offering a unique platform for networking and collaboration. With the approach of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, this event gains additional significance, serving as a prelude to the equestrian events at the Olympics, highlighting France's dedication to equine excellence on the world stage.

The Grand Endurance Week in Lignières-en-Berry: Held from October 11 to 13, this event gathers young arabian and anglo-arabian horses from the French Equestrian Society. It highlights the endurance and versatility of these horses, reflecting the meticulous breeding and training traditions upheld by SHF. This event also aligns with the upcoming Olympic spirit, showcasing the stamina and resilience required in competitive equestrian sports.These events are very important moments in the equine calendar, fostering a vibrant community and offering unparalleled opportunities for engagement. 

Unique Expertise for the Emirati Market

SHF highlights its expertise in breeding, training, and enhancement by engaging with the Emirati equine market, fostering stronger ties between the French equine sector and the UAE. The Gulf countries, particularly the UAE, play a significant role in this sector through the purchase of purebred French horses, renowned for their endurance, elegance, and performance. SHF’s long tradition and globally recognized expertise in selecting lineages and providing high-quality care are instrumental in meeting the needs of the Emirati market.

The HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Racing Festival in France underscores the deep cultural exchange between the UAE and France, aiming to strengthen bilateral relations and enhance the global appeal of Arabian horse racing. SHF is honored to participate in the event, showcasing French expertise in equine breeding and highlighting the importance of international cooperation in the equestrian world.