Over 200 Illegal Cabs Seized in Dubai

Several drivers have come up against this roadblock... figuratively speaking.

Jun 6, 2024 - 18:42
Over 200 Illegal Cabs Seized in Dubai

It looks like several drivers in Dubai have been trying to duck the protocol associated with transporting passengers for fares. But now there’s bad news for these illegal operators as the concerned authorities are putting the brakes on them. Over the past few weeks, the Road Transport Authority (RTA) has been cracking down hard on cars without the necessary licence, certification and other pre-requisites to transport passengers.

A total of 220 of these vehicles have been flagged down and impounded in this expansive operation. Furthermore, in a classic case of being penny-wise-and-pound foolish, the transgressors are likely to face fines as high as AED 50,000 (USD 13,613). The guilty parties are looking at other punitive action as well - like confiscation of their car and the earning of 24 black points, the latter of which could endanger their very licences. 

The RTA joined forces with the Dubai Police in conducting this corrective initiative. Official personnel homed in on several locations suspected of harbouring the illegal transport service and confronted some of the errant drivers on the road itself. The authorities conducted inspections and issued violations. 

Almost half the number of the impounded vehicles were found hanging around Terminals 1, 2 and 3 at the Dubai Airport. So, why do these drivers not want to pursue the legal procedure for becoming a licensed cabby? It is possible that they either didn’t want to or couldn’t produce the required documentation and pay the fee of AED 220? Or was it that they didn’t qualify in any of the following mandatory criteria?

1)    The applicant must be between 21 and 65 years of age
2)    Must have passed the foundation training course and test
3)    Must have passed the medical fitness test
4)    Have a criminal investigation certificate
5)    The driver’s residence should be under the name of the same sponsor

After the stern punishment they are facing, these wayward drivers would probably have hoped that they had followed the rules.