Indian Electrician in UAE “Shocked” from Winning AED 1 Million

This ex-pats get to “draw” from a big well called National Bonds.

Jun 26, 2024 - 19:06
Indian Electrician in UAE “Shocked” from Winning AED 1 Million

UAE, June 25, 2024: Here is one heck of a “plug” for the earning potential of Indians in the UAE. The “power” is far from out for a humble Indian electrician in the country. Winning the electrifying sum of 1 Million Dhirams has got Nagendram Borugadda displaying a smile that can fittingly be described as 100-watt! Indeed this working class family man has hit the proverbial jackpot with this USD 272,257 payout. However, it did come after some amount of sacrifice, hope and dedication.

The 46-year-old native of Andhra Pradesh left Indian shores for the UAE in 2017. And it certainly looks like the desert has turned into truly greener pastures for him. Working hard at his blue collar job while supporting his wife and two adolescent children, Nagendram started putting away monthly savings of 100 Dhirams with National Bonds from 2019. 

Five years later, his regular investments paid off. Indeed, fortune glowed brightly upon him as his name emerged from the top pick at 2024’s National Bonds draw. “It’s truly overwhelming”, says a beaming Nagendram. “I came to the UAE to build a better life for my family and provide a good education for my children. This win feels surreal.” Surreal indeed, as this hard-worker can now fulfil the dreams for his dependent household. Fortune, like the electric bulbs he has attended to, is sure to shine bright for the Bogugadda domicile from here on.