ACADEMY® AWARD Winner Russell Crowe Returns to the Big Screen With Unrelenting Horror

Can you deal with the Devil, without hurting the ones that you love? Russell Crowe stars in a supernatural horror thriller that confronts the human condition.

Jun 11, 2024 - 12:13
ACADEMY® AWARD Winner Russell Crowe Returns to the Big Screen With Unrelenting Horror

National, 10th June 2024: PVRINOX Pictures is excited to bring the supernatural horror flick 'The Exorcism' to Indian theatres on 21st June. Directed by Joshua John Miller, the film boasts an impressive ensemble cast including Russell Crowe, Ryan Simpkins, Sam Worthington, Chloe Bailey, Adam Goldberg, and David Hyde Pierce.

Academy Award winner, Russell Crowe takes on the role of Anthony Miller, an actor who gets a chance to be on the big screen to revive his career. Due to hidden, unfortunate events on the “cursed” film set, Miller starts to exhibit strange habits. His estranged daughter starts to wonder whether there could be other forces at play as he slowly starts to slip back into his old habits during his attempt to return to the big screen with a supernatural horror film.

‘The Exorcism’ is inspired by true events from the experience of the director, Joshua John Miller and his father, Jason Miller,  who has been a part of the 1973 cult classic The Exorcist. While delivering intense scares, the film also explores complex themes such as the representation of the LGBT community in religious contexts and the impact of purportedly cursed film sets on real life. Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Anthony Miller underscores the human need to confront and overcome inner demons.

Crowe while expressing his excitement shared his thoughts on the character, “For me, as an actor to play a man who has had these life experiences, was quite complicated. It was a very challenging idea as a role, so it got my interest.” Ryan Simpkins plays Lee Miller, Anthony's estranged daughter, whose strained relationship with her father adds emotional depth to the story. To this, Crowe adds, “He wants to take that position of father but realises that he has work to do to rebuild trust with his daughter. However, she's quite closed off. And so, it's a difficult situation for both of them.”

Adding to this, producer Kevin Williamson explains, “He has a broken relationship with his daughter. They are two broken people, devastated by the loss of a wife and mother, and they sort of fix themselves and fix each other.  It's a beautiful emotional tale wrapped up in a very terrifying possession movie.”

Don’t miss Russell Crowe’s powerful performance as he battles his inner and outer demons on the big screen.

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