Now Far Less Time to Process UAE Residency Visas & Work Permits!

UAE has streamlined the process for securing both statuses and is enhancing local business in the process.

Jun 13, 2024 - 16:21
Jun 13, 2024 - 16:24
Now Far Less Time to Process UAE Residency Visas & Work Permits!

There is great news for over 7 million workers in the UAE rendering their services to about 600,000 companies. This initiative known as the “Work Bundle” will slash the processing time of applications for work permits and residency visas from 1 month to a mere 5 working days! This means that tense anticipation for prospective beneficiaries, mostly from the Indian subcontinent, has been significantly alleviated. They can now look forwarded to availing of both statues much quicker.

This is the second phase of the Work Bundle platform which began in Dubai in March this year. The popular plan which is being implemented across all 7 emirates of the Middle East nation, is the collaborative doing of a four major federal and government bodies. The formation of this forum will smoothen n the process of firms to hire employees while also rendering agency for the latter to find and secure work.

Following are the welcome new functions, courtesy the government agencies:

1)    Issuing a new work permit 
2)    Requesting a status adjustment
3)    Issuing a visa and employment contract
4)    Obtaining Emirates ID, residency and medical examination services

What’s more, applicants can look forward to a streamlined and one-time-only submission of their application at the Work Bundle website – This means that the persons in question will not be required to re-enter their data for any one particular service request. Therefore, all the following processes will be made easier:

1)    Renewal of a worker’s employment contract
2)    Renewal of Emirate ID and residency
3)    Obtaining medical examination services
4)    Cancelling a worker’s employment contract, work permit or residency

How’s that for workers’ rights! What’s more, the Work Bundle’s third phase will be geared to aid all domestic workers. This triumph of computer software and IT and the consequent transformation of the application process is sure to bring joy to the faces of everyone involved. What could be better for business in one of the world’s busiest hubs?