Fatafeat Announces Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition Premiering On July 8th

An Exciting Culinary Journey with Fatafeat Top Chefs and Special Guests this summer.

Jul 8, 2024 - 11:38
Fatafeat Announces Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition Premiering On July 8th

July 4th Thursday 2024 Dubai, U.A.E– Get ready for a delightful culinary adventure as Warner Bros. Discovery's largest Arabic food network, Fatafeat presents "Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition" that premieres on July 8th at 11:55 AM KSA time. This season promises to offer an appealing journey through the art of cooking, featuring Fatafeat chef’s who will share their passion and creativity in the kitchen. With a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and innovative techniques, "Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition" aims to inspire both novice home cooks and seasoned culinary enthusiasts alike.

"Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition" will present Fatafeat’s Chef Sumaya Obaid alongside two new chefs, Chef Kholoud Ahmed Suhail and Chef Mohammad Salah. This season, the show is structured to captivate its audience with a two-segment format in each episode. This is followed by an in-depth, step-by-step demonstration of the dish, complete with creative twists on recipes that are created by the chefs. Each episode not only provides practical cooking tips but also delves into the stories and inspirations behind each dish, making it a truly entertaining experience.

Meet Our Chefs    

Chef Sumaya Obaid
Sumaya Obaid is an Emirati chef known for her deep passion for cooking and her innovative approach to traditional dishes. After graduating from college, Sumaya embarked on a culinary journey, specializing in regional cuisine and adding her unique flair to every dish she prepares.

Chef Kholoud Ahmed Suhail
Kholoud Ahmed Suhail, a Saudi culinary virtuoso, has a background as diverse as the flavors she creates. With over a decade of experience in the private sector of food catering, Kholoud has perfected her cooking skills, making her a standout chef.

Chef Mohammad Salah
Mohamed Salah is a renowned chef and the Director of Menu Creations at Chefs’ Studios, a leading consulting firm for restaurants. His culinary expertise and innovative recipes are sure to inspire and delight viewers, adding another layer of excitement to this season's lineup.

Adding to the excitement, some episodes will feature special guests Nayera Magdy, Dima Al Haj, Maggie El Sadek and Rania Elaina. These guests will join the chefs in preparing some ecstatic dishes, bringing their own unique perspectives and flair to the kitchen.

•    Chef Sumaya & Maggie El Sadek - Episode 6 on Monday, July 15th
•    Chef Sumaya & Nayera Magdy - Episode 10 on Friday, July 19th
•    Chef Kholoud & Dima Al Haj - Episode 18 on Wednesday, July 31st
•    Chef Mohammed Salah & Rania Elaina - Episode 28 on Wednesday, August 14th

Tune in to "Kitchen Tales: Summer Edition" which will air every Monday through Friday on Fatafeat on beIN channel 251, Jawwy channel 54 and OSNtv channel 25 starting on July 8th at 11:55 AM KSA. Viewers can also stream the series on the discovery+ library of STC TV for an unforgettable culinary experience that combines expertise, creativity, and passion.  Each episode will not only showcase delicious dishes but also provide viewers with the opportunity to learn and be inspired by some of the best chefs in the region.