UAE Ranks Third in AI Obsession

Singapore is the most AI-obsessed country, with ChatGPT searches that are more than three times larger than its population. ChatGPT is the most popular AI tool across all analyzed countries. In almost all countries, ChatGPT searches surpass the population size by at least two times.

Jun 11, 2024 - 10:50
Jun 11, 2024 - 12:30
UAE Ranks Third in AI Obsession recently studied the worldwide interest in AI to find the most AI-obsessed countries in 2024. The study includes Google Trends to locate countries with the most interest in “Artificial Intelligence” and “ChatGPT.” Next, the analysis focused on the search volumes of various AI tools, including Adobe AI, ChatGPT, Character AI, Midjourney, and Google Gemini, among others. Rankings were based on normalizing each country's search count per 100K people.

Singapore holds the premier position on the list of countries most obsessed with AI. The island's interest in artificial intelligence, particularly in "ChatGPT," reached nearly 19 million, which is more than three times the country's total population.

The second country obsessed with AI is Canada. While “ChatGPT” leads the searches, having widespread interest across the country, its searches exceed 100 million, but its population-to-search ratio is lower than Singapore's.

The United Arab Emirates ranks third in AI obsession, particularly interested in using the “ChatGPT” tool. The searches for AI tools are more than 25 million, with “ChatGPT” tool searches being more than 2.5 times its population.

The Philippines comes in fourth on the list of the countries most obsessed with AI. The country adapts the new technologies, particularly in “ChatGPT,” with searches that surpass its population more than twice. 

Portugal is positioned fifth on the list of the countries most obsessed with AI. Besides the “ChatGPT” tool searches doubling the population count, the Portuguese show huge interest in “Character AI” tool (human-like text-generating chatbot), searching it almost million times.

Ireland, is securing the sixth spot in the list of the countries most obsessed with AI. The country mirrors Portugal, with “ChatGPT” being the most favored tool and the “Character AI” tool being the second, which was searched more than 700K times during recent months.

Belgium ranks seventh in the list of the countries most obsessed with AI. While “ChatGPT” searches are almost 2 times higher than its population, “Adobe AI” tool is the least searched one, among others.

Australia ranks eighth in AI obsession. “ChatGPT” emerges as the preferred tool, dominating Australian searches and surpassing the nation's population of 26.4 million. Google Bard (now Gemini) is the least searched AI tool here compared to ChatGPT, which is at the top of the list.

The Netherlands comes in the ninth position on the list of the countries most obsessed with AI. Dutch people show a lot of interest in “ChatGPT,” with over 29 million searches, and “Character AI” is also popular, with over 1 million searches.

Lithuania rounds out the top 10 countries obsessed with AI. Following all favorite “ChatGPT,” “Character AI” also stands out with almost 500K searches during the recent months. Among the various AI tools available, Lithuanians find Gemini to be the least interesting.

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